General Nutrition & Research: 

 Title: 3-Day Food Journal & Computer Analysis

Description: A personal dietary journal record with analysis of the micro- and macronutrient excesses and/or deficiencies

3DayDietAnalysis.pdf 3DayDietAnalysis.pdf
Size : 326.499 Kb
Type : pdf

Title: Dietary Fat Lowers the Glycemic Index Response

Description: A group research article on the effects of dietary fat on the glycemic index response by pairing 50g of carbohydrate with varying amounts of fat (15g, 30g, or 45g)

Glycemic Index Research Paper.pdf Glycemic Index Research Paper.pdf
Size : 366.881 Kb
Type : pdf

 Title: Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Hunger-Regulating Hormones

Description: A research-based paper explaining how leptin and ghrelin are impacted by sleep deprivation and play a role in appetite and satiety regulation.


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