About Me:

Unlike many people going into the nutrition field, I have not always had a passion for nutrition and exercise. Most of my childhood and adolescence involved watching TV and surfing the web for hours on end. As an extremely picky eater, the main staples in my diet included grilled cheese, chicken fingers, and Cheez-Its. My bad habits caught up with me and by the end of high school I was considered obese. It wasn't until 2006, right before entering college, when I decided I wanted to make some changes. I was tired of feeling sluggish and not being able to fit into my clothes.

I started gradually by doing yoga and trying new foods. I learned that I actually loved to exercise and a lot more foods than I thought; even oatmeal and salads! The more weight I lost, the better I began to feel. In fact, the feeling was so wonderful and my quality of life had improved so drastically that I wanted to spread this feeling to anyone that I could. I immediately switched my major from psychology to nutrition and have never looked back.

I believe that my experience as a picky eater and my journey to a health will allow me to be a strong and compassionate dietitian and make a lasting impact on many.

Quick Facts:

Favorite Foods: yogurt parfaits, salads, and pizza

Hobbies: running, creating recipes and crafts from Pinterest

Other: I was born on St. Patrick's Day with bright red hair!

'Running the Silver Strand Half Marathon

Experimenting with healthy recipes

 Hiking at the Grand Canyon


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