Title: Menu Evaluation

Description: A brief discussion of nutritional deficiencies or excesses that exist in a given menu and how they could be remedied by making changes.

Menu Evaluation.pdf Menu Evaluation.pdf
Size : 154.85 Kb
Type : pdf

Title: Foodservice Forecasting

Description: Using as purchased (AP) and edible portion (EP) formulas, determined the yield and cost of recipes

Foodservice Forecasting.pdf Foodservice Forecasting.pdf
Size : 257.361 Kb
Type : pdf

Title: Lunch Trayline Cards

Description: I developed these cards to serve as a tool for new employees on the starter position on tray line at Rancho Springs Medical center. The laminated cards listed which items to place on the tray for each diet.

LunchMenuCards.pdf LunchMenuCards.pdf
Size : 13.37 Kb
Type : pdf

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