Community Nutrition:

Title: Diabetes Education Speech

Description: Outline of speech given to a class about the various types of diabetes, with professor feedback

Diabetes Speech Outline Graded.pdf Diabetes Speech Outline Graded.pdf
Size : 238.354 Kb
Type : pdf

Title: Minimize Salt, Maximize Your Life Lesson Plan

Description: Lesson plan designed to educate an adult audience about the risks of a high-sodium diet and techniques to lower sodium intake.

LowerSaltLessonPlan.pdf LowerSaltLessonPlan.pdf
Size : 472.715 Kb
Type : pdf

Title: Do's and Don't's of Salads Brochure

Description: A colorful brochure highlighting various tips and tricks to creating a healthy salad

Community Nutrition Brochure.pdf Community Nutrition Brochure.pdf
Size : 981.936 Kb
Type : pdf

Title: What Your Body is Really Craving: Sleep

Description: An article drawn from my research paper on sleep deprivation hormones, written for a public audience without a nutritional background

Lay Article Sleep Deprivation.pdf Lay Article Sleep Deprivation.pdf
Size : 110.827 Kb
Type : pdf

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